8 signs that your co-workers hate you

Most people spend half their waking hours with their co-workers

Most people spend half their waking hours with their co-workers,” says American author Michael Hohn ، When your co-workers love you, says Michael Kerr, author of The Joke Benefit. It will lift your spirits and make you more productive, focused, creative and successful in everything you do.”

However, it hurts to feel like they hate you and you can’t escape from them. And in a study of more than 36,000 employees of technology companies about their relationships at work ، The researchers found that a third of those surveyed said a co-worker had caused them to leave their job. And 43% of women and 32% of men said they wanted to break up because of a co-worker.

Because it is easy to exclude those who do not love us from our private lives; At work, this can lead to an even bigger problem. Hence the importance of signals that ring alarm bells to warn you of the atmosphere of hatred that surrounds you.

They avoid eye contact with you

You’ll find that they avoid eye contact with you, but they also stare at you for extended periods of time ، The eye is the most powerful tool for nonverbal communication,” says Audrey Nelson, referring to a study conducted at the University of Miami that showed that 43% of the attention we focus on someone.

It is through the eyes, while speaking through the mouth contributes by 13%; Which means that the mouth and the eyes together, alone make up 56% of our attention to the other ، According to Nelson, when you feel that your co-workers are not looking at you, it means that you are “underappreciated.

In contrast to visual ignoring, you’ll find a type of intense stare that is “tacky and aggressive.” As anthropologist David Givens described it, adding that “a stare for more than 3 seconds can be a sign of discomfort or dislike ، They smile every time they see you.

Once you show up, the fun and smiles in the workplace disappear in an instant. According to guideline journalist Peter Jones, this is “a sign of contempt and a message that they are much happier in your absence ، They are unaware of your importance and ignore your thoughts ، archangel Kerr says: “If your thoughts, fears, or needs area unit unheeded whereas taking the thoughts and needs of others seriously. this is often a proof of your exclusion.”

Your colleagues area unit happy with emails

Sandy Smith tells us: “Hate individuals could have faith in email to speak at work to avoid obtaining too shut. From your workplace and private communications.

it’s a transparent sign that they’re making an attempt to limit your personal communications to stress their emotion, they’re “deliberately holding on to emails from you, within the least word.

They send negative signals while not words

that is why archangel Kerr tells us: “If your co-workers answer your speech with mumbling, or with transient one-word responses. or just ignoring them may be a clear indication of their negative feelings.”

Your colleagues perpetually criticize you, doubt you, and blame you

If you think that that you simply area unit perpetually criticized, then a minimum of you’re positively detested by somebody. Smith conjointly says, “When each call you create is questioned, it’s a proof of persistent mistrust of you.”

this is often a proof of his sturdy emotion, to the purpose that you simply area unit biased towards something you counsel, even a good plan.”

So, if your co-workers extremely hate you, it is a sign that they’re going to perpetually blame you once one thing goes wrong. Or they charge you for the slightest mistake till you resign or get discharged.

Your colleagues endure difficulties to avoid you

When they see you expecting the elevator, they’re going up the steps and do not head to the break space till you allow.

this is often a proof that your co-workers do their best to avoid you.” Posting job ads may be a massive sign that they’re making an attempt to induce obviate you.”

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