With colds in the winter months.. Five foods that increase your immunity

Adults get a median of 2 to 3 colds annually. and kids will get 5 to eight colds a year

Adults get a median of 2 to 3 colds annually. and kids will get 5 to eight colds a year, consistent with the great Clinical data Summaries.

In light of the spread of diseases and the presence of the Corona virus during the winter months, it is necessary to take care of the immune system. To ensure its ability to fight any infection.

Herbalists at J. Parker Garden in England said: ‘There are many studies that show how this can be done. A plant-based diet can help maintain healthy immune cells, thanks to the nutrients that many plants provide.”

Fruits and vegetables all work wonders for our health, but some are more effective at supporting the immune system than others.

Here are the top 5 immune-boosting herbs to include in our diet

Red pepper

In general, colorful fruits and vegetables are a safe bet when looking for immune-boosting foods. According to the experts. And red peppers are full of beta-carotene, which can help promote healthy eyes and skin, according to experts (J. Parker).

One medium red bell pepper provides 152 mg of vitamin C to boost immunity. This is about twice the amount of vitamin C compared to an orange and can help the body fight infection by stimulating the production of white blood cells.

They work well in larger pots and are perfect for bringing a Mediterranean touch to your patio.”


Broccoli is commonly touted as a superfood, and it’s completely true. this is often as a result of it contains high levels of immune-supporting antioxidant and antioxidants that may facilitate fight harmful free radicals.

Experts pointed out that broccoli “contains zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium that support the body. It keeps the immune system working optimally, while the B vitamins help support energy levels.”

And if you’re new to growing vegetables, broccoli is a great place to start. In general, it does well in most types of soil, but broccoli does best in fertile, well-drained soil. It often has a high resistance to diseases, which makes it an interesting and easy to care plant to grow.

sweet potato

Besides being incredibly versatile for cooking, sweet potatoes are packed with health-promoting nutrients.

Beta-carotene provides high levels of Vitamin A. Which can help reduce inflammation and boost immune function. Sweet potatoes additionally contain vitamins C and B6.

Echinacea (Echinacea)

Echinacea is a coniferous plant and is said to have a powerful effect against the common cold. This plant, also called “sun hat” in German, is divided into 3 species, all of which can be used as herbal medicine.

The root in Echinacea angustifolia is particularly medicinal. Because it contains alkamides, essential oils and caffeic acid derivatives.

Several studies have shown the positive result of genus Echinacea on the system. It is often recommended as a treatment for the common cold, thanks to its immunomodulatory effect that can help increase the function of white blood cells.

Echinacea tea can be made by pouring hot water over the leaves or roots of the plant. It is not recommended to drink this tea on an empty stomach as it may cause discomfort.


There is a famous saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” although this is not 100% true. However, apples may actually have some advantages as they have health benefits.

Studies have found that apples can help improve gut health and provide high levels of vitamin C. This helps maintain the health of the body.

With plenty of fiber and antioxidants, the benefits of apples go beyond being good for the immune system.

Experts (J. Parker) said that if you want to increase your apple intake. Having your own apple tree can be an excellent investment.

They added that there are many types of apples, so you can pick your favorites and get the right tree for your green space.”

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