Methods of prevention of atmospheric heat in summer

he high temperature, which is caused by the sun, causes many damages to humans in the summer

The high temperature, which is caused by the sun, causes many damages to humans in the summer .. Therefore, caution should be taken when exposed to them by taking preventive precautions so as not to suffer from their damage such as burns or sunstroke.

Spending time outside on the seashores, on swimming pools or in any other place for a walk gives the children and the whole family activity .. But before you deal with your outdoor activities in the scorching summer sun, you must have the full knowledge and knowledge of protection methods and Prevention of radiation damage.

How to avoid the scorching heat of the sun all summer

Safety tips with the sun for babies

– Children under the age of six months should be kept away from direct sunlight as much as possible when outside, and always move the stroller in a shaded place, such as under a tree or under a sunshade, or there should be a cover for the stroller itself.

– Every mother should make sure that her little baby wears protective clothes from the summer heat, which are those that have light colors and have sleeves that cover the arm and legs, and that the child wears a hat on his head that protects his face and neck in the same way from the sun.

– It is not forbidden to paint sun paints, but in a small amount on the skin of a baby under six months if it is inevitable that he will be exposed to its scorching rays, and the protection factor of paints should be 15 or higher than this figure so that they are painted in small quantities in limited areas such as the face or behind the hand.

Sun safety tips for young children

– Choose clothes made of tight fabrics such as cotton, cotton makes the body cool because it absorbs sweat and at the same time provides protection for it.

– Make sure that the little one wears a hat that has a brim that extends forward to protect the face from the sun’s Rays.

– Make sure that the child wears sunglasses, sunglasses are not only for style or fashion, but also have a healthy dimension of keeping the eye from harmful UV rays, they offer eye protection by up to almost 97%.

Sun safety tips for family members::::

– The strongest effect of harmful sunlight is between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon (10 – 4), so you should stay away from the sun at this time of day as much as possible.

– There are surfaces that reflect the sun’s rays, which increases its harmful effect on humans, and these surfaces are sand, snow and concrete .. Therefore, care must be taken in these areas.

– If the clouds fill the sky in the daytime, the person may be deceived that he thus escaped the harmful rays of the sun on this day, because the Rays can penetrate the clouds and reach the Earth .. The skin should also be protected in the presence of clouds.

– When using sun paints, it is necessary to look for those that protect from both ultraviolet rays “A” and”B”, while choosing those that are resistant to water and painting them about every two hours.

– Zinc oxide is effective in protecting human skin, as it can be used as a means of additional protection on the following areas of the body: nose, ear, cheeks and on the shoulders area similarly most exposed to the sun.

– The use of sun paints that contain a protection factor of at least (15).. It is better that the number increases, not decreases.

– The paint must be painted well so that it covers every part of the skin exposed to the sun, especially the face, nose, ear, foot, hands and even behind the knee.

– Apply sun paints at least about 30 minutes before exposure to its rays so that it begins to take effect to protect the skin.

– Sun paints are used for the purpose of protection from sunlight, and not for the purpose of staying in them as long as possible.


In the summer, students get a summer vacation, and they prefer to spend most of their time playing outside the house, and since children contact multiple surfaces when playing, which are much larger than their body mass and size, they gain heat faster than adults, which is higher than body temperature.


Athletes or practitioners of sports activities spend many hours in training and competitions on hot summer days, and often do not get enough fluids to compensate for what they lose during their Sports effort, and therefore they have an increased risk of dehydration.

Foreign career

There are some people whose professions require working outside and exposure to sunlight such as construction crew, police officers, postal workers, gardener and other other jobs .. They spend most of the day in the sun doing their required work and get only limited rest times away from the sun, such as going to the toilet, and do not drink the required amounts of fluids to compensate for what they lose with the summer heat.

Elderly people

There is a fine line between the effect of heat on whole adults in general and on the elderly in particular .. It is easy for an elderly person to become dehydrated when he is in the sun for a period of time, because the weakened body systems can no longer withstand and cope with environmental factors as before, so the elderly person should be careful when he is in sunny places in the summer.

On the other hand, there are many who are fooled by the sun’s rays and their ability to withstand its heat .

It is true that acclimatization or getting used to the heat is necessary and important for the human body to work on very hot days in the summer and with high humidity in the atmosphere without raising his body temperature, but the ability of a person to cope with the heat increases his need for fluids to match the increased secretion of sweat and to keep him away from the risks of dehydration or any of the disorders related to high temperatures.

How a person copes with high heat

The human body needs 10-14 days of working in the heat in order to acclimatize to it.in the first days, periods of work or activities must be interspersed with rest or reduce their intensity. once acclimatization occurs, the amount of sweat secreted by the body and other fluids it loses increases because the body’s sweat secretion occurs faster than before and by more than it was before acclimatization.

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