Antalya Airport .. Turkish, German, French investment

With an investment of more than 765 million euros

Antalya Airport .. Turkish, German, French investment

With an investment of more than 765 million euros and a lease of up to 25 years. The TAV alliance with Fraport won a tender involving the improvement and expansion of Antalya Airport. As well as leasing the rights to operate domestic and international lines, after the largest offer of 8.55 billion euros was made.

At the beginning of December, the consortium consisting of the Turkish-French airport construction and operation company won. TAV and the German company Fraport AG tendered the Antalya Airport lease for 25 years. By submitting the highest bid, which is 7 billion and 250 million euros in the bid.

Adil Kara Ismailoglu, Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, tweeted from his official Twitter account: The tender also includes increasing the capacity of Antalya Airport and expanding it with an investment of more than 765 million euros. In the first three years. The minister explained that assuming that the total rent plus value-added tax would reach 8.55 billion euros. 25% of the rental rights amounting to around 2.13 billion euros will be paid in advance.

According to the company’s statement, the joint venture will increase the capacity of Antalya Airport to 80 million passengers annually. Sunny Shiner, Chairman of TAV Airports, said: “With this agreement. We will start investing as soon as possible to increase the airport’s capacity.” We reiterate our intention to invest in Turkey and our belief in the future of Turkish aviation.”

Investments exceeding 765 million euros :

In the first three years of the 25-year lease period from January 2027 to December 2051, the Turkish-French TAV alliance and Germany’s Fraport AG will invest a total of 765 million euros to increase capacity and Antalya Airport will reach 80 million passengers annually About 600 million euros will be in the first phase of The project.

Terminal 2, which serves international flights as part of the investment, will be expanded and renovated with an area of ​​82 thousand square meters and will be converted into a new building with an area of ​​190,000 square meters. At the same time, the capacity of the local plant, which is 37,000 square meters, will be doubled to reach 78,000 square metres. A new international terminal with an area of ​​70,000 square meters will be opened by 2040.

By adding about one million square meters of asphalt area (Antalya Airport yard), the number of aircraft platforms will be increased from 106 to 181, and the number of bridges at stations will increase from 20 to 38. There will also be a special area for helicopters. A new control tower will be built over the terminal for VIPs, new administrative and technical buildings, as well as a parking garage with a capacity for 8 helicopters.

Antalya Airport: the largest tourist attraction in the region :

Hüseyin Keskin, Director General of the State Airports Authority, said in his speech after the tender: “They realized the biggest projects in the history of the republic with the inspiration and strength they received from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The right vision and policies for the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure ، This is an indication of confidence in the country’s economy and its growth ، Keskin explained that Antalya Airport will enter within 25 years with a renewed face to meet the growing needs. Noting that the airport will become the largest tourist attraction in the region.

Keskin expressed his thanks to the company’s officials who participated in the tender, which was conducted with transparency, openness and competitiveness. He said he hopes that the result of the bid will bring investments that will make Antalya a global brand with its history and culture. And unique and distinctive geographical features ، It should be noted that Antalya Airport, which entered service in 1960. It received nearly 36 million passengers in 2019 with its domestic and international terminals. And two parallel runways with a total area of ​​178,000 square metres.

Turkish tav :

TAV Holding is a Turkish success story in the domestic and international aviation industry, dating back to 1997. When it was commissioned to develop and operate Istanbul Ataturk Airport ، Within a few years, TAV had become one of the largest airport operators in the world. It served 1 million flights and 152 million passengers in 2018 ، TAV has evolved as a global brand in airport operations since the day it was founded. Thanks to its experience in the construction and management of airports, the qualified human resources it employs and advanced technology.

Today TAV is the leading airport operator in Turkey and 8 Arab and international countries. It provides services related to duty free, food and beverage. and ground logistics, information technology services, security services, and commercial area management ، It entered into a restructuring process in 2006 in line with its growth targets. The company has reorganized its operations and construction activities, focusing on TAV Airports and TAV Construction’s building and construction activities. After this restructuring, TAV Airports Company was put up to the public on the Istanbul Stock Exchange in February 2007. In May 2012, the French company (Groupe ADP) became the largest shareholder of “TAV Havalimanları”. By acquiring the largest percentage of the total shares of TAV, which is about 46.1% today.

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