10 reasons why students of all nationalities are attracted to study in Turkey

Undoubtedly, it is known that many students from different countries of the world, especially Arab students

10 reasons why students of all nationalities are attracted to study in Turkey

Undoubtedly, it is known that many students from different countries of the world, especially Arab students, turn their attention to study in Turkey, because of the characteristics of Turkish universities and studying in their spaces that distinguish them from other international and European universities.

In this article, Deniz Turkey Media Network summarized for you the 10 most important reasons for studying in Turkey, which are main pillars and attract students to study in all universities and colleges spread in each of the eighty-one Turkish states.

Opportunities for good higher education in Turkey

Turkey ranks second in the world in higher education with an education rate of 94.2%, and Turkey scored 5 out of 5 points in the contact note ، Universities in Turkey are recognized in all European countries and the European Union ECTS credit hours assessment system is applied and the degree supplement is offered to all students ،Turkey is also one of the most successful countries participating in Erasmus student exchange programs and student exchange programs such as Al-Farabi that support students and faculty in Turkey.

Diversity of universities and study programs in Turkey

Turkey has a population of about 82 million, Australia has 207 universities and a student population of about 8 million ، With this number of students, Turkey ranks first among European countries in the field of higher education. The number of universities participating in PB is 207. And certainly thanks to this diversity, it is fun, holistic, fascinating, and timeless.

Multicultural life

Turkey has embraced thousands of educated ancient civilizations. This made it a beautiful mosaic that resembles different cultures, in a country that embraces an infinite number of civilizations, that respect everyone and tolerate each other. In Turkey, you can meet people of your origin and ethnicity, as well as people who speak your own language, which makes it an ideal environment for students with its safe and calm environment.

natural aesthetics

It is possible to practice water sports and swim in the seas that embrace it from all sides. In many cities of Turkey, in the mountains, in front of the rivers, where skiing is possible.

Ice skating and other sports can be practiced. Tortilla has unlimited beauty that can enchant those who see it with its landscapes, you will even feel like you are in heaven!

Historical and cultural accumulations:

Turkey, which has a long history, houses thousands of historical and cultural artifacts that are protected as UNESCO cultural heritage. You’ll want to keep track of these effects even in your daily life!

Student friend

Turkey is a student friendly country in the truest sense of the word, with at least one university in every city! Students come together through social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events at each university ، This makes distant geographic locations appear close socialize ، Cities are active 24 hours a day, thanks to the cafés, restaurants, and offices that students attend.

The hospitable Turkish people

The outstanding hospitality of Turkish people has been updated in all languages ​​around the world as a student, if you ask anyone for help, they will do everything to help them, with a smiling face ، The Turks welcome you as a guest and offer many things to make you happy; So make sure that you will not forget your homeland while you are in Turkey.

Technological university cities that keep pace with the trends of the times ، You can go to any of the 207 universities across Turkey and you will find that they are all backed by the latest technology. You will experience the life of a modern college town ، easy living conditions ، and entertainment at a high level ، You can stay in college dormitories or college dorms nearby, or get affordable housing for an affordable monthly rent.

You can also choose the mode of transportation that suits you, see if you can get a discount ticket, and take advantage of the discounted ticket price for the movie you want to watch in the cinema ، Since Turkey is located in the center of both the Asian continent and the European continent, it is also considered one of the easily accessible countries ، You can also choose the transportation route that suits you to discover Turkey, which hosts an endless number of places to visit ، And you can get to where you live with the fastest and most convenient means of transportation and land vehicles.

An opportunity to learn the Turkish language

Besides the many English language programs at universities in Turkey, you can also learn Turkish, which is the fifth most spoken language in the world ، Thanks to the Turkish courses offered by your university, you will be able to learn a new foreign language and at the same time make friends from many cultures.

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