Turkey in its safe tourist dress.. Millions of people are preparing to revive entertainment

Turkey is at the top of the list of countries that have managed to reduce the impact of the Corona epidemic

Turkey in its safe tourist dress.. Millions of people are preparing to revive entertainment

Turkey is at the top of the list of countries that have managed to reduce the impact of the Corona epidemic, and it is also at the top of the list of favorite countries to spend safe holidays in light of the Corona pandemic.

They are the tourist destinations and resorts, and the adoption of strict precautionary measures:

After Turkey has become a safe tourist destination as a result of the precautionary measures and measures that make hotels and entertainment venues mandatory in their application, it is preparing to start a safe and successful tourist season and receive millions of tourists from many countries of the world as well. As its success in mitigating the effects of the field pandemic.

With the start of the summer tourism season, Turkey has become in an advanced position in the list of countries that opened the door wide to foreign tourists, and was able to reduce the impact of the epidemic and gradually return to normal life and become a safe tourism island through the implementation of the “Safe Tourism Certificate” program. It was introduced earlier this year.

Despite the stagnation of the global tourism market due to the Corona pandemic, Turkey is expected to witness a large tourist season compared to the previous period. After about two years, millions of tourists will visit Turkey for their summer vacation.

Tourists flock to Turkey

With life gradually returning to normal in Turkey as of this June, the number of tourists coming to Turkey for leisure and cultural and historical vacations in various provinces of Turkey increased, while there was a noticeable increase in hotel and flight reservations. In the coming summer months, domestic tourism is only allowed within the EU borders with countries that continue tourism in Europe, especially Italy, Spain and France.

Flights from Russia to Turkey, which were halted last April due to developments related to the Corona virus, will resume from Tuesday, and according to statements by Andrei Ignatieff, head of the Federation of the Russian Tourism Institute, nearly 7 million Russian tourists can spend their holidays in Turkey. This year, Ignatieff told Russia’s TASS news agency on Friday that 1.5 million Russian tourists are planning a vacation in Turkey from last April to June this year, that is, while flights between the two countries are suspended.

They announced their intention to open their doors to tourists from Russia, Germany, England, France and other European countries, as well as their citizens wishing to visit Turkey, as well as tourists from Arab and regional countries. It is a qualitative leap and the adoption of strict precautionary measures compared to last year, which broke the record of 16 million tourists, as Turkey ranked first among the preferred countries for safe holidays in light of the Corona epidemic, thanks to its possession of the best tourist destinations. and holiday destinations.

While 445,671 tourists from 129 countries, half of them Russian, came to Antalya, the capital of Turkish tourism in the Mediterranean, in the first four months of this year, while the owners of the tourism sector are waiting for Antalya. 3.5 million visitors visited the country this year to make the tourist season even better than last year.

In the same context, representatives of the Turkish tourism sector expressed their gratitude for the preventive measures taken by the Turkish government, the intensity of vaccination operations and the campaigns of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to promote “safe tourism” on a global scale. In addition to Russia’s recent decision to restart all flights to and from Turkey.

The head of the Turkish Hotel Owners Association, Sruri Şurapatir, said in an interview with Anadolu Agency, “The expected happy decision from Russia was taken recently, noting that the flow of Russian tourists to Turkey will start from June 22nd. . “Male. By workers in the tourism sector and by Russian tourists from both countries (Turkey and Russia).

“After the arrival of a delegation from Russia to Turkey, they made a decision and received information about the safe tourism program in this field,” Churpatyr said, stressing that his country attaches great importance to protecting the safety of tourists first and foremost.

While it is indicated that the flight restrictions imposed by Russia since last April have harmed Russian companies operating in the tourism sector, the Russian Federation of Tour Operators announced that these restrictions increase the financial burden on Russian companies and that nearly 1.3 million people will not be able to go. They spend their holidays due to external developments. By his own will and the will of the tourism industry.

Safe tourism in Turkey

With the start of the summer tourism season in Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism confirmed that the “Safe Tourism Certificate” program, which requires all tourist facilities to adhere to strict precautionary conditions and procedures, is still being implemented at the beginning of this program. general. Depends on ensuring the health status of each visitor. And follow the standards previously described in the stages of transfer and hosting staff and visitors.

Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nader Alp Aslan, confirmed that the certificate of safe tourism implemented by the Ministry of Tourism has gained international fame and has begun to be implemented in some countries, adding, “The certificate will be brought to tourism in Turkey. . It is mandatory in all tourist accommodation facilities, airports and travel agencies.” He pointed out that in order to increase the value of the Turkish tourism brand globally, the certificate will be updated periodically and will make it mandatory for tourism facilities to work with them permanently.

The “Safe Tourism Certificate” program implemented by the Ministry of Tourism contributed to the publication of Turkey’s list of the best tourist and holiday destinations in light of the ongoing epidemic. The Turkish man succeeded in passing the exam last year with the measures taken to limit the spread of Corona.” Noting that more tourists will come to Turkey this year compared to last year, noting that the vaccination process will play an important role in increasing tourist mobility throughout the country.

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