Have you tried skiing in the wonderful mountains of Erzurum? Details here

Despite the Corona pandemic, Palandokan Ski Center continues its activities in the magnificent

Have you tried skiing in the wonderful mountains of Erzurum?

Despite the Corona pandemic, Palandokan Ski Center continues its activities in the magnificent mountains of Erzurum and is taking all necessary measures to protect tourists from the emerging corona virus.

The young man in his thirties was giving his first ski lesson at the Palandokan Center in Erzurum on a junior track.

One of the most important tips given to anyone who wants to learn this winter sport, which the ski resorts in Turkey are famous for, is not to stress.

Private lessons for those who want to learn to ski

In front of the figure skating teacher, the trainees stand one by one and begin to apply what they have learned on the small rink ، Some manage to get up and slide a little, while others try to speed up, slip from a height and fall to the ground, then stand up again and repeat the ball.

In addition to this small rink, there are 6 other rinks for beginners and even those who have not yet mastered the practice of skating on large rinks.

The center has reserved these tracks for the little ones from the school teams or adults who want to learn fun sports ، According to Temel, who works at the “Dedeman Palandökan” hotel next door to the center, there are also 13 large tracks dedicated to professionals.

Thousands of tourists from home and abroad

Temel added that the hotel hosts thousands of tourists every year because of Palandokan Ski Centre we have a tendency to receive thousands of them per annum “The city is not very big and the center is not far from the airport here. I think that always makes getting here easy.”

The center is located 20 km from Erzurum Airport and 4 km from the center of the province. According to Mel, the hotel where he works has been hosting a large number of tourists since the end of last December.

Palandokan .. the best winter tourism centers in Turkey

Since its establishment in 1992, Palandokan Center has been declared as one of the best winter tourism centers in Turkey, especially after it hosted the 2011 World Universities Winter Games, and ranked 18th in the list of the best ski resorts. The New York Times.

Skiing is not limited to daylight hours. Temel explains that the center is equipped for night skiing, except for severe storms.” In this case, “the ski lifts and the moving lifts that take skiers down the mountain to the top of the ski slopes stop,” Temel adds.

However, the desire of visitors to enjoy the snow is not limited to skiing. If the weather is bad and the skiing stops, some people go to play in the snow with their friends. Others try to take the time to take pictures and videos of themselves and the entire snowy mountain. Others sit in mountainside cafés for tea or a snack while they wait for the weather to cool off a bit to resume their favorite sport.

Ski resorts recover despite Corona

Palandokan Center targets ski enthusiasts from Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan, as well as residents of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara ، And Erzurum Governor Ojai Mamis had said earlier that the European market is witnessing a decline in the winter tourism sector due to the Corona pandemic, which “was reflected positively on the Palandokan Ski Center.”

He stated that in winter, tourists can reach Erzurum with direct flights from abroad ، The data shows that there is a huge demand for reservations in holiday resorts in Erzurum, especially from tourists, local ski lovers and those who want to come from Russia and Ukraine.

Preventive measures against the Corona virus

Idiz, a ten-year-old Turkish boy from Turkey, came to Palandokan Center with his family to practice his favorite sport, skiing ، he said that although he goes to Bulgaria every year to ski in the high mountains with his family, he had more fun in Erzurum this year k The little boy added, “I like this place more than Bulgaria, and I feel that the slopes are big, so I enjoy skiing more ، His mother says they came to Erzurum for the first time this year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He added, We were very afraid of the virus, so we did not go to Bulgaria this year. We looked for a nice place to ski in Turkey and found Palandokan k As for Russia, Marsha, a young woman in her forties, came to Erzurum with her young daughter, as she does every winter.

STAR GO spoke of her love for this town and Blandocken, which enjoys its huge ski slopes.

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