The “Rainbow” hills… One of the most famous natural tourism areas in Turkey

The famous “Rainbow Hills” (Gökkuşağı Tepeleri) in the far eastern state of Igdir

The “Rainbow” hills… One of the most famous natural tourism areas in Turkey

The famous “Rainbow Hills” (Gökkuşağı Tepeleri) in the far eastern state of Igdir, attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors thanks to its picturesque nature and unique and distinctive colors.

The plateaus are located in the “Tuzolo” region, north of Iğdır, and are characterized by a unique nature that is a series of hills that resemble a color palette of different sizes, in which brown and green mix with yellow, purple and white.

The rainbow hills, which provide visitors with a scene full of nature’s colors due to the composition of the soil and its different layers, have turned into one of the most popular natural tourism areas in eastern Turkey thanks to its increasing popularity, especially with the widespread use of social media.

The rainbow hills located next to the highway linking the states of Erzurum, Igdir and Kars (east), are a major destination for visitors to the eastern regions of Turkey, especially as they overlook Mount Ağrı and its nature reserve, the ancient city of Ani in the state of Kars, and the forests of the Sari Qamish region. In the Wilayat of Kars, Lake Gilder and the Devil’s Castle in the Wilayat of Ardahan, and Ishak Pasha Palace in the Wilayat of Agri.

The plateaus attract visitors, especially photography enthusiasts, athletes and nature lovers, especially in the fall, when the colors of nature and vegetation mix with the colors of the soil layers in the plateaus, providing visitors with an unforgettable scene.

Eltrich Kagan Tashkentsu, one of the local residents who volunteers to promote the area by posting photos on social media, said the rainbow hills have recently gained popularity on all social media platforms.

Tashqinsu stated that the region receives thousands of local and foreign visitors annually, who always express their admiration for the unique and distinctive natural beauty of the region.

He added: “The area is characterized by richness and unique natural beauty, as its soil contains 4 or 5 layers and reflects such natural and unique colors.

He continued , “Due to the placement of our region close to Georgia, Iran and also the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijani Republic, it annually receives thousands of holiday makers from these neighboring countries, additionally to domestic guests from many Turkish cities.”

Tashqinsu pointed out that the area is easily accessible by means of transportation, and said: “The area offers visitors distinctive scenes of natural colors and different shades of yellow, brown and green, like a rainbow.”

“In addition to the fact that the area is close to Mount Agri and many archaeological and natural areas, it provides visitors with the opportunity to organize interesting tours in those areas,” according to the spokesman.

Tashkentsu explained that the process of promoting the rainbow hills can provide real tourism income for the region, noting that the region, with its different colors, is no less beautiful than the famous tourist region of Cappadocia in central Turkey.

He continued: “Nature lovers, athletes, hikers, camping and photography lovers visit the area regularly, especially during the autumn season, when the rainbow hills turn into a palette of natural colors.”

He continued, “We, in turn, are working to promote the natural beauty that God has blessed this region with by posting pictures on social media and inviting everyone to visit the region.”

Hills welcomes lovers of nature and photography

For his part, Murd Akmakji, one of the photography enthusiasts visiting the region, said that the rainbow hills are one of the favorite destinations for photography enthusiasts.

He stated that he usually conducts outdoor photography sessions in the Rainbow Hills area, especially for newlyweds, weddings and special occasions.

Akmakji pointed out that the region is a destination for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, who are always welcome in the rainbow hills.

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