The most important tourist activities in Mount Kartepe in Turkey

Winter and summer tourism in Kartepe combines two tourist seasons

Winter and summer tourism in Kartepe combines two tourist seasons, each more beautiful than the other.

Mount Kartepe is located in the city of Sapanca in the Turkish province of Sakarya, near Istanbul, just two hours away.

Kartepe Mountain is a full-service tourist area, visited by millions of tourists every year in summer and winter. With facilities prepared to serve tourists.

Height of Mount Kartepe

Mount Kartepe takes its name from its snow-capped summit, which reaches 1,650 meters in height most of the year. The term, which consists of two syllables in Turkish, means snow, which means snow, and hill, which means peak snow.

The weather in Mount Kartepe

The weather on Mount Kartepe is characterized by being cold and covered with snow in winter, and the thickness of the snow on the top of the mountain reaches half a meter. While Mount Kartepe has a temperate climate suitable for camping in summer. And adventure trips without accumulating snow among the natural forests scattered throughout the region.

Tourist activities on Mount Kartepe in the summer

Tourist activities in Mount Kartepe vary during the summer months. Thanks to its charming nature, lush forests, streams and landscapes. The area offers the right atmosphere for adventure lovers and camping enthusiasts.

In the summer, tourists on Mount Kartepe can experience the adventure by taking group tours on motorbikes. In the woods, or for those who like to ride a horse.

Accommodation in various classifications and accommodation in the lap of nature, as well as cafes, restaurants and holiday villages scattered on the slopes of Mount Kartepe. It offers traditional Turkish cuisine as well as cottages and hotels.

Tourist activities on Mount Kartepe in winter

The winter weather on Mount Kartepe is completely different from the summer season. Where the mountain turns into a large snow resort that includes snowboarding centers that allow visitors to practice all kinds of snow sports.

Perhaps the most beautiful activities offered on Mount Kartepe in winter is to enjoy the experience of traveling by cable car over the sea. As well as the experience of staying in comfortable country cottages equipped with many opportunities for rest and relaxation and a mountain slope covered with snow.

Kartepe Mountain Ski Center

Large resort and facility equipped for many types of snow sports and snow skiing. It includes all the requirements for anyone who wants to snowboard, in addition to the availability of expert instructors to train beginners ، The resort hosts many local and international tournaments in various snow sports competitions.

Kartepe cable car

The Kartepe cable car is the fastest means of transportation that takes tourists to the top of the mountain to enjoy the scenic views above the clouds. An outdoor cable car runs along the mountainside. It offers an exciting experience of panoramic view of the picturesque white-covered nature of Kartepe Mountain.

The most famous hotels in Mount Kartepe

The mountainous region of Kartepe is replete with hotels of various categories that serve tourists. It is among the many tourist facilities available in the area, the most important of which are:

Kartpe Park

This is a 4 star hotel adjacent to Mount Kartepe and considered the best hotel in the area.

Lally boutique

4 star hotel, one of the best hotels in Sapanca, only 7 minutes from Mount Kartepe.


3-star hotel in Sapanca, 100 meters from Mount Kartepe.

The wonderful region of Mount Kartepe offers special programs and offers for those who wish to enjoy Kartepe tourism, transportation by luxury cars, hotel reservations, providing a tour guide and many other services.

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